What we do


The Badger Pass methodology addresses the three key areas of business operations. In each area is a list of activities, approaches, questions or processes that improve the way your business operates.

Our approach allows early stage businesses to demonstrate to investors that they are ready to scale.



Turning start-ups into valuable businesses:

As a business evolves from an idea to its first sale and beyond it must mature in the way it operates. Processes allow the business to scale revenue faster than costs, and allow customers to learn that you are a trusted supplier.

Turning inventions into products:

A fundamental element of launching a product to market is turning your core invention into a complete product; something that is presented appropriately, that meets all regulatory requirements and customer expectations, is shippable, fits its ecosystem of accessories and 3rd party integrations, and is supported.

Turning orders into revenue:

Getting the customer to agree to buy is just the first step. Delivering what has been promised, ensuring contractual terms are met, getting paid, and managing the entire project in the context of your business is key.



Badger Pass can:

1. Advise on specific actions you can do, or processes you can put in place, or

2. Design and implement processes and train your team, or

3. Work with you long term to provide capacity in your business.